S.T. Dupont Slim7 Lighter Brushed Chrome Grey

Ref.Nr – 27701

Modern luxury lighter from the S.T. Dupont line SLIM 7: the world?s slimmest luxury lighter. Its clean design is particularly attractive to a new generation of consumers. Its light weight (45 grams) and slim form (only 7mm thick) make it comfortable to use and easy to slip into a pocket or handbag. Features a powerful, wind-resistant torch flame suitable for all conditions. Practical for everyday use and suitable for both men and women, the SLIM 7 is available in a range of colours

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Introducing the newest lighter innovation from S.T. Dupont, the Slim 7. The body of this flat-flame torch is only 7mm thick. The lighter emits a powerful blue flat flame. Featuring classic S.T. Dupont reliability. True to its tradition of excellence and innovation, expanding its luxury S.T. Dupont lighters collection with the new SLIM 7. The finest luxury lighters in the world. The Slim 7 provides a powerful flame torch resistant to all external conditions. Ideal companion of everyday life, for both men and women.

– Single blue flat flame flame
– Streamlined, elegant and contemporary design.
– 7mm Thick
– One-Step thumb ignition
– Classic S.T. Dupont Styling
– Butane Refillable
– Built-In Flame Adjuster
– Classic ergonomic shape